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Tablature, often called tab is a method of notation used almost exclusivly for the guitar. It usually has 6 horizontal lines each stacked above the other, these lines represent the strings on a guitar starting with the 1st 'high' E string working down through E,B,G,D,A,E to the 6th 'low' E string. This is a mirror image of the guitar fretboard writen this way to make it easier to understand while holding a guitar and looking down at the top neck.

They then have numbers imprinted on each line at a precise point on each line, each number represents a different fret on the guitar so when read you have the infomation of the string and fret which allows you to perfom the tone required.

The image in the link is am example of tab. [[1]]

Reading Guitar Techniques

There are many technques used in music, to illustrate which techniques are used and where guitarists have created abreaviations which they insert above the required note, below is a translation of the most commonly used techniques:

/ = slide

H = hammer-on

P = pull-off

b = bend

X = muted noise

~ = vibrato

< >= natural harmonic

P.H= pinched harmonic

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