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Jump to: navigation, search was started by the creator of After finding out about so called WikiWikiWeb sites I decided to create one about guitars. I can safely say that this site has become succesful. It's no wikipedia, of course, but there are 500 to 700 daily visitors and this amount is slowly but steadily increasing.

Ways to help

This site is nothing without your help! There are many ways you can help out:

  • you may of course add new content,
  • or correct spelling mistakes,
  • or even just tell your friends about this site!

Advertisements on GuitarWiki

Advertisements on this site will be unobtrusive and relevant. Currently, I only run a small Google Adsense text ad. I'm happy to report that this is needed to cover the costs of an increasingly popular site!

Spam on this site

Unfortunately, the spammers in the world are always finding new ways pester us with their crap. This site is being hammered with spam. The following measures are taking to keep the content clean from spam:

  • Email verification
  • Locking of the most important pages
  • all external links carry a nofollow tag. Search engines will not follow any links, so spamming your site on your wiki is useless.