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Please add your message to the top of the list ;-)

Hope I can help out with it =] ~Spacebar, Pensylvannia, USA.

Great site very helpful Jonathan North East UK 20:45 13 January 2009

Nice. I just started playing 7 days ago, and was glad to find a resource like this. Tim Holt, Fallbrook California, USA 10:03pm, March 22, 2008

Awesome site, duffman, South Africa

I hope you guys like AC/DC, it is all I know (enough to make tabs for). Robindav, Oregon, USA.

Yo! Looking forward to seeing the site grow! Hopefully I can help, lemme know if you need anything specific. Snake 01:57, 3 January 2006 (CET)

This is a really great idea. I hope that more people notice its excellent potential. God's Jedi Master- Carnation, WA

Great idea. Spread the word. Arno, Aachen, Germany

This site is fantasic! I love the way it allows everyone to share thier techniques or playing. Great Job! GuitarGod - Liverpool England

Great site. Thanks for the resource. Jay, Houston, Texas

It's got great potential. Could become the Wikipedia of the guitar world. Keep it up. B, Brockton, MA

Brilliant site! Well done, an achievement! Love Richard & Fleur, England.